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What exactly is the cloud?

The term ‘cloud’ is any of your services that are away from your local site and accessible from the internet. The cloud has many facets and many uses with more being added daily. Consider it simply as¬†internet based computing.


Why do I need cloud services?

By moving your data and services to the cloud, you immediately enable a number of productivity opportunities. Your data is available anywhere from virtually any device. The issues associated with onsite hardware and software are gone. Your data is protected and managed by facilities with far better security than your own.


But how do I know that it is safe?

Data centres and service providers spend millions of dollars on ensuring that their systems are safe and that your data is protected. Backups are done regularly and information is stored at multiple data centres concurrently to avoid disaster situations. Compared to running a firewall and antivirus software in your home or business office, you can rest assured that the level of protection is of the scale needed to offer the guarantees we do.


Will my internet service be good enough for cloud services?

It is an advantage to have a good internet service to utilise certain cloud services but remember, because it is in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere, be it in the office, at home or even on the train. If your preferred internet service does not give you the performance you need, let us look into it for you. Perhaps an upgraded and faster service is already available to you. You just need to find the right people to provide it for you.

I’d like to pay monthly. Can I do that?

There are no lock in contracts with Cloud Horizon services. If you want to pay by the month, we’ll do that.

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