30 Dec

Your Digital Real Estate

If you live in Sydney and hear the words “real estate” you are likely to get heart palpitations and need to sit down. Buying into real estate can be daunting for some and near impossible for others. Your little piece of planet Earth might as well be on Mars because that is how difficult it could be. However, you can still stake your claim in the digital real estate world. I’m not talking about a virtual reality house either. I’m talking about securing your place within the digital landscape. In the world of business, if you don’t have your domain secured, your emails sorted and your website done, then you are being left behind. This is essentially the starting point for being a landlord in the technology of the cloud.

It’s About the Domain

Before you can have a presence in the digital world, you will need a domain. Your domain is your address. It is how people see you and find you. A domain name is a registered entity that represents your business, your organisation, your club or you, as an individual, to name but a few. Let’s stick primarily to business. In Australia, most businesses get a .com.au address. The name of the domain must be in some way associated to your business name and you’ll need an ABN to get one. You can opt for a .com address which isn’t as strict in obtaining but you may find it is taken by an overseas company with the same name. If you are an organisation you might look at a .org.au name or if you provide an internet based service or similar, you may look at a .net.au. There are quite a few others but we’ll leave those for another day. You might also secure multiple domain names for strategic purposes. Your business may be known by several names or nicknames or you may want to prevent a competitor from taking the address if it is available. The expense is minuscule in the scheme of things when it comes to running a solid business.

I Have My Domain!! Now What?

Once your domain is registered, the sky is the limit. Sky .. Cloud .. See what I did there! Your domain name is the first step in getting your emails set up and your hosting space secured. With these in place you are now addressable to the digital world anywhere, any time. You can now own email addresses like albert@thebestplumber.com.au or reception@cloningsheep.com.au. These email addresses are distinctive, efficient and represent your business so much better than albert3421@gmail.com or sheepreception@hotmail.com. There now becomes very clear lines to join the world of social media, blogging and business networking all revolving around your business name and your domain.

You now have your very own piece of Digital Real Estate. Sow the seeds of technology and watch it grow!!

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